Neha Walia

Neha brings three years of valuable experience as a Customer Executive, having previously served in a similar role at private institute based in Jalandhar. In her capacity there, she adeptly handled client interactions, provided guidance on courses, and served as a Sr. Team Leader. Her responsibilities included meeting and exceeding sales targets, staying updated on market trends, identifying customer needs, and building positive relationships with prospects. Neha demonstrated excellent negotiation skills and the ability to resolve issues while overseeing a team. Notably, she managed out-of-India calling, including interactions with clients in Dubai, Canada, England, and other locations. Her meticulous approach involved keeping records of customer interactions and sales activities, reflecting her commitment to maintaining high standards of service.

As an Executive operations at DSB, Neha ensures regular follow up on tasks assigned by the Supervisor to various teams or individuals also monitor progress and provide updates to the supervisory authority on the status of ongoing projects. She ensure that decisions made by the Authority in their absence are communicated and implemented effectively. Also she regularly analyze data related to recovery performance and gathering feedback from customers in the recovery process.