DSB provides Premier Business Advisory Services, which helps your business to rise the challenges of today’s complex global economy. We provide advisory services to support ongoing business operations, enable performance improvements, support financial transformation and manage risks for long-term sustainability and success of your business. We offer our clients with team of Corporate Professionals, highly skilled and dedicated professionals with unique consulting background that offers world-class multi-disciplinary legal, financial and business advisory services.

DSB is dedicated to helping organizations manage change, mitigate risk and resolve disputes: financial, legal, operational, political & regulatory, reputational and transactional.

Our firm offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to assist clients across the business cycle – from proactive risk management to the ability to respond rapidly to unexpected events and dynamic environments.

Our Key Business Advisory service offerings include:

  1. Business advisory and improvement services

Our firm provides Business improvement Services to entrepreneurs who want to improve not only the performance of their business, but the quality of life as well. Our firm focuses on to help entrepreneurial clients achieve their financial goals and objectives.

We know that clients are under constant pressure to make operational decisions with financial and tax implications, so our expertise is aimed at providing reassurance and accessibility.

For many clients, focusing their time and attention on strategic planning to establish and grow their business often takes a back seat to addressing day to day needs. Our Business Advisory team helps to bring clarity and prioritization to this process. We have to our credit many such transactions which have helped our clients to enrich their valuation.

  1. Business Transformation

DSB with its highly experienced professionals provide effective, executable and cost effective solution for business transformation with a balanced approach between short-term benefits and long-term strategic goals. We deploy best practices tailored to the industry dynamics of each client, focusing on the specific challenges and opportunities that drive performance.


BPR/ BPM is a technique to help organizations fundamentally rethink how they can do their work and dramatically improve their operations by reducing costs, wastes, and turnaround time in the product and services and increase profitability, efficiency, to provide enhanced customer service, employee retention and become world-class competitors. Leading organizations are becoming bolder in using this technology to support innovative business processes, rather than sanitizing current ways of doing work. DSB has a dedicated qualified and experienced team with six sigma-qualified professionals to provide solutions to your organization. We have the pride to provide successful solution to many MSME and Large-scale organizations which have helped tham to take new initiatives and enhance value.

Our strength in BP

  • Business Needs Analysis.

  • Adequate IT infrastructure.

  • Effective change management.

  • Ongoing continuous improvement

How BPR works:

BPR/ BPM is a dramatic change initiative that contains five major steps that enterprise should take:

  • Refocus company values on customer needs

  • Redesign core processes, often using information technology to enable improvements

  • Reorganize a business into cross-functional teams with end-to-end responsibility for a process

  • Rethink basic organizational and people issues

  • Improve business processes across the organization

DSB provides the finest BPR team for redesigning of a company, organization and institutions

  • Who Rethink existing processes to deliver more value to our clients

  • Who Redesign the core business processes to achieve improvements in productivity and quality.

DSB endeavors to improve company’s corporate performance by providing customized solutions and using various methods to discover models, improve, optimize, and automate business processes.


Business valuation is an increasingly critical aspect in many financial planning, tax reporting, and litigation matters. Faultless transactional evidence available between willing and knowledgeable buyers and sellers provides an accurate indication of business value. In reality, such evidence is rarely available. Conclusions of value has to be derived through a delicate combination of analysis and objective professional governance.

Our valuation professionals have extensive expertise in accounting, taxation, economics and valuation theory. Just as important, we possess the specialized knowledge and practical expertise needed to identify issues at the industry-specific level and evaluate subjective factors that drive business value.

We work closely with clients and advisors to develop objective, independent valuations that are tailored to meet the client’s needs. We furnish valuation or calculation reports designed to withstand the scrutiny of auditors, courts, tax authorities, mediators and other interested parties. We also provide accurate, credible, understandable expert testimony.


DSB provides financial advisory to your project that specializes in implementing financial solutions on restructuring, securitization, debt investment, commercial borrowings etc. We analyze and provide comprehensive customized solution to the project to achieve the end objective. Our firm’s advisor team include economic and financial modeling, project research, due diligence analysis, and negotiating terms for debt and equity financing.

We are attracted to the most challenging projects where we can leverage our unique positioning and skill set to support our Clients’ teams: such as in new sectors or technologies, new markets or untested contractual frameworks, contractor-operators banked on a limited recourse basis for the first time, projects which are pioneers or the largest to date in their asset class.

As an independent advisor we assess all possible sources of financing which may be available to your projects when recommending a financing strategy. We have assess to all possible sources of financing which may be available to your projects when recommending a financing strategy.


Regulatory compliance is an organization’s adherence to laws, regulations, guidelines and specifications relevant to its business. Violations of regulatory compliance regulations often result in legal punishment, including civic penalties and criminal fines and prosecutions. We advise on all aspects of regulatory compliance and controversial issues involved in the corporate and non corporate sectors including Banking, NBFCs etc. We provide comprehensive regulatory solutions for the investment under Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), private equity, QIPs, FIIs, Joint Ventures, primary and secondary markets. Our objective is to create sophisticated strategies that safeguard our clients’ assets and reputations and enable them to concentrate on pursuing their business objectives with confidence.


DSB is one among the best investment advisories firm. It provide financial advises about investing in mutual funds, bonds, pension, company fixed deposit, commercial papers, IPO’s and Portfolio management. Our firm provides investment advice and assistance in the Banking, Finance and Non Banking space, focusing on the investment in debt and equity securities achieve maximum value with investment objective. We propose investment ideas to our clients and give adequate investment solutions. Our clients includes Banks, NBFCs, corporate, LLP, Trusts etc.

Our firm provides regulatory advice and assistance in the financial sector, focusing on the securities, investments and banking industry in particular. We propose investment ideas to our clients and give adequate investment solutions. DSB is trusted for providing advices pertaining to the needs of investors and their financial situation.

Our Offerings:

  • Financial Planning Services

  • Retirement Planning Services

  • Estate Planning & Trusteeship Services

  • Portfolio Advisory Services

FINANCIAL PLANNING SERVICES: We provide a wide spectrum of services and advice on investments, pensions, retirement, tax planning and more. We help you plan for your expenses and maintain your lifestyle while anticipating unexpected contingencies.

RETIREMENT PLANNING SERVICES: Retirement could be the best phase of your life if you get it right! But fail to plan in advance, and it could be your gloomiest. There are many things to think about when it comes to your retirement and DSB Retirement Planning Solutions are here to help.

Our wide services include:

  • Estimating retirement corpus

  • Advising you investments to build retirement corpus

  • Tactical portfolio re-balancing

ESTATE PLANNING AND TRUSTEESHIP SERVICES: Our firm helps you manage and preserve your assets during your lifetime and beyond to benefit your legal heirs in the best way possible. Our experts work closely to prepare appropriate and effective strategies.

PORTFOLIO ADVISORY SERVICES: It is imperative to give equal importance to your investments. Our team of expert advisors evaluates your existing investments covering varied parameters such as asset allocation, diversification, inherent risk factors and past performance. Our team of advisors are abreast of the latest happenings in the global economy and ensure that your investment portfolios are up to date to whether economic turmoil.


Planning must be done to ensure that the business will continue to provide the owner with retirement money; this includes ensuring that the accumulated value of the business stays intact after the owner’s departure. In business succession planning, its important to note that transferring the management of the business may be different from transferring the ownership of the business. For businesses that involve other family members or long-term relationships, this can be an emotionally difficult decision.

  1. Business Advisory Board Assistance

Well designed Business advisory boards provide critical input for strategic decisions and business development, strategic introductions (clients, alliance partners, and potential investors), real market applications, operational optimization and talent assessment. DSB LAW GROUP can help companies surround themselves with independent executives that have an expertise in the related field and provide insight that accelerates the revenue cycle and decreases the risk factor. We help achieve this by:

  • Leveraging the area executives to recruit in new companies

  • Leveraging the expertise of area executives to build new and emerging companies

  • Leveraging the expertise of executives to turn regional companies into acquirers, not targets

  • Providing opportunities to executives & successful entrepreneurs who are committed & desire to contribute to the economic, civic, & non-profit community



DSB offers evidence-based business advisory programs to assist executives on issues of strategy development as well as day-to-day operations. We offer function-specific expertise in all the major business functions as well as expertise in enterprise-wide concerns such as business performance management and business process outsourcing. Function-specific advisory programs are available for finance, HR, IT, procurement, and global business services.

  1. Capital Markets Communications

DSB provide Capital Markets Communication professionals to serve as trusted advisors to board of directors and management teams at companies of all sizes and at every stage of growth. Our teams consist of senior-level investor relations counselors armed with sector, financial research and digital expertise in every major financial market in the world. With an in-depth understanding of what the investment community wants and needs, our corporate leaders helps navigate through moments of transition, deliver a consistent and credible corporate narrative to the market, engage and cultivate a growing shareholder base.


Legislative and regulatory pressure is becoming more prevalent around the globe, which increases a company’s compliance obligations and jeopardizes its license to operate. Managing political risk is a growing imperative for effective corporate governance and business planning. DSB combines public policy, capital markets and sector-specific expertise to offer a unique capability for clients operating at the critical intersection between business and government.


Our contract intelligence service provides a cost-effective solution for a key component of contract lifecycle management, offering organizations a centralized, organized method to review and analyze their global contract universe. Corporations and firms using the Contract Intelligence service can better find, understand and act upon contracts to meet regulatory requirements, reduce risk and recognize greater business value.

Example scenarios in which Contract Intelligence enables and enhances business operations include:

  • Conducting pre-merger contract diligence;

  • Identifying post-merger business opportunities and synergies;

  • Aligning contract terms with emerging regulations in the financial services, healthcare, pharmaceutical and insurance industries;

  • Highlighting trends across contract obligations and risks;

  • Identifying and analyzing leasing agreements for compliance with new accounting standards.

  1. Dispute Advisory

DSB has a proven track record as an independent leader in litigation consulting. We have nationally prominent functional and industry experts available to assist with bankruptcy-related litigation and complex non-bankruptcy commercial and regulatory disputes requiring industry-specific knowledge.

Our experts analyze and prioritize the steps necessary to achieve the most positive, timely outcome in a dispute. We bring insight to all phases of a case and offer unique perspectives into a case’s strengths and weaknesses. We can help determine whether a position is defendable, test theories, evaluate strategies, quantify damages, and anticipate and critique opposing arguments. In short, we simplify the complex – with in-depth analyses, expert witness testimony and persuasive visual presentations.


Corporations of every size face a range of enterprise risks for compliance with mandated regulatory laws which require independent monitoring. Such ongoing challenges require an operating environment that has robust internal controls and compliance policies that are tested and remediated on an on-going basis.

DSB provides integrated global teams of industry specialists and compliance experts who offer a cost-effective approach to testing, enhancing and monitoring corporate compliance programs. In matters involving allegations of ongoing fraud or other malfeasance where a monitor, examiner or receiver may be appointed by the court, our professionals also understand the time-critical nature of implementing a plan of action, communicating with multiple constituencies and managing the inherent complexity of such appointments.