To become eligible under startup India scheme the startup must be registers as a Company under the Comapnies Act 2013.

We provide various services for the startups-

  • Online lending and non-traditional NBFC-Bill discounting ,MSME loans, etc.
  • P2P lending
  • Pre-paid instruments issuers-mobile wallets etc.
  • Other payments

We are providing number of benefits for the Startups to encourage people that come up with new Startup ideas.

Company’s Registration Process-

1. Digital Signatures Certificates(DSC)- All purpose directors of the private limited company should have a digital signatures and these signatures will use to file registration, ROC compliance forms and Tax returns.

2. Director Identification number(DIN)- When a digital signature is approved, the person will get an approval email from    the registrar of companies that you are now eligible to be a director of the company. It approximately takes one day to approve it.

3. Name Search- After a trademark search, we will proceed to file a name approval application to ROC on your approval.

4. Final Incorporation and CIN-After approval of name from the registrar of companies, we will file final incorporation E-form with all the documents required like address proof, directors declaration. This process takes atleast 3 working days to get completed.


Documents Required from Shareholders

  • PAN card
  • Aadhar card/ Passport/ Driving license/Voter’s ID card
  • Latest bank statement/ Utility bill
  • Scan copy of signatures


For proposed registered address-

  • Any utility bill
  • Rent agreement with NOC from owner or Landlord


Income Tax Notice

Income tax Department has sent approximately 18 lacs of notices those who have deposited cash.

  • Don’t panic if you’ve received Income Tax Notice.
  • Case can be easily handled by rank holder CA’s
  • .There are 100% online and offline solution.
  • We will be responding to IT Department on time.
  • 100% privacy and protection guaranteed.
  • You can track status of online from or website.


Why income tax notices after demonetization

Income tax department will give you minimum of 12 days of notice to send your reply to the Income Tax Department.

  • If they are satisfied and you’re able to justify your cash deposit you have no trouble and no liability.
  • If your cash deposit is not reasonable, then the case will be transferred to local Tax Officer for investigation.


What we will do for you?

  • We will reply to income tax notice after meeting you.
  • We will provide you advice how to justify yourself.
  • We will handle further procedure of income tax department.
  • We have a team of Highly qualified CA’s, Lawyer’s who will handle your case efficiently.


What is TDS?

Tax Deducted at source is a kind of tax which is paid in advance by person responsible for making payments in the form of salary, dividends, or contract payments, etc. to the government as per income tax slab rate. Recipient of income receives the net amount which may be in the form of the cash or cheque depends upon you.


TDS Return

What is TDS?

TDS stands for tax Deducted at source and it is the tax which is paid in advance by person responsible for making payments in the form f contract payments, salary or any other to Government as per income tax slab rate. Person who is deducting the tax is known as deductor and the person whose tax is deducted is known as deductee.

Payee does not need to pay a tax if he gives investment proof to his employer for claimimg deductions and his total taxable income is below some limit then, he/she doesn’t have any need to pay the tax.

What is TAN?

Person responsible for deducting TDS must apply for allotment of TAN (Taxpayer Identification Number). It is an 10 digit alpha-numeric number. Once it is issues it is valid for lifetime.

What is TDS Return?

TDS return is a quarterly statement submitted to income tax department and is required to be submitted by deductor. Return contains all the details of the TDS deducated and deposited by deductor , TDS Challan information, etc.There are different forms which are prescribed depending upon the purpose of deducting TDS.

Legal Notice-

A legal notice is a legal action taken in the form of formal communication made to a person informing the person to undertake legal proceedings against other person. It is an note of information which lets the person know that he/she injustice and legal action will be taken with respect to it. It might be a factor that a court may consider if the case proceeds to litigation. Thus, a person has an option to file a legal notice against a person.

Advantages of Legal notice-

  • Helps to reduce risk- It helps in protecting the legal rights of both the parties and a well drafted notice can go a long way in minimizing the legal risks involved.
  • It serves an upper hand- if any legal notice is sent by a person. the sender is always consider to be at upper hand.
  • It helps in reducing the ambiguity- The laws and rules applicable on the person are more precisely considered.

Procedure for Legal Notice-

  • A well efficient lawyer from our team will contact you and will explain you the total process and understand the need of filing a legal notice filling.
  • Once the objectives are clear, our lawyer shall draft a sample legal notice from your side.
  • The draft of legal notice will be sent to you for the purpose of review.
  • Once it gets approved, it shall be served to other party.
  • Process will take 3-4 days approximately.

Share Holder Agreement-

A shareholder agreement is an agreement among the companies describing how the company should be operated and shareholder’s relationship, ownership of shares, protection of shareholders, etc. Shareholder’s agreement reserves the rights of shareholders of a company and it covers matters like governing the management and the structure, initial funding as well as administration of the company.

A shareholder’s agreement is one of the useful and most significant document because it provides a mechanism for setting out the various principles among the shareholder’s.

Define rights- A shareholders agreement is helpful in defining the powers of a shareholder and the rights that one obtains.


  • A well efficient lawyer from our team will contact you and will explain you the total process and understand the need of filling a legal notice.
  • Once objectives are clear, the lawyer will draft a legal notice.
  • Legal notice will be sent to you for review.
  • Once approved, serve it to other party.
  • The whole process will take around 3-4 working days.