National Company Law Tribunal is a judicial body set up by central government in India that govern and examine issues relating to companies in India. NCLT is a specialized court only for corporate, companies registered in India. It includes both judicial and technical team while taking decision on matters. The formation of NCLT is an important step towards attaining fast and efficient resolution of disputes relating to affairs of the Indian corporates. NCLT was formulized by Eradi committee. It was firstly introduced in Companies Act, 1956 in 2002.

Powers vested in NCLT

Class Action

Deregistration of Companies

Oppression and Mismanagement

Refusal to Transfer shares

Reopening of Accounts & Revision of Financial Statements

Tribunal Ordered Investigations

Conversion of public company into private company

Change in Financial Year

NCLT Services

Company Disputes-

Business Disputes are an inevitable part of running a business and every business owner will eventually experience a dispute or conflict of some sort and We at DSB Law group provide services for solving various disputes arising in the company.

Company Merger-

If you are willing for new business opportunities and consider merging and taking over an existing company, we provide services for that too.

Company Issues-

There are number of issues arising in the company and sometimes when they can’t be sorted by people, we can sort them out for you.

Financial Issues-

If Company is going through financial crises and can’t find any way to get out of it then we at DSB Law Group Provide with wise advices related to it.

Director Issues-

We have solved number of issues arising between directors and others can also seek help from us.