Due Diligence is an investigation of prospective investment or products for reviewing all financial records. Due diligence is like a tool that an investor can use discover other vital information about a business. The main goal of the due diligence is to discover hidden information about a business.  Performing an effectual due diligence will take time, resources and money. Operations due diligence is an opportunity assessment to determine the future sustainability of a business.

Legal Due Diligence

Legal due diligence is necessary for better understand your business and to give the buyer the information that it needs to know about the company. Legal due diligence will help the buyer’s to become familiar with and to communicate effectively with company. The buyer will also the information which is learned in the legal due diligence process to determine how much to pay for company.

Account and Finance due diligence

Account and Finance due diligence determine whether the company accounts are consistent or not, evaluating the real situation of assets, liabilities and tax risks. Accountants use due diligence to investigate and review company various financial or business processes. It is commonly used during external audit.

Special For NBFC Due Diligence

NBFC is very important part of financial service industry in the country, creating and arranging funds for infrastructure to micro and small medium sized industries in india. As far as Due diligence is concern in terms of buying and selling of NBFC. It also provide various types of banking services to the company.